Testimonials of my clients

Thanks to the workshops, I realized that thanks to my strengths, I will realize my dream map with time. I evaluate the workshops with a clear conscience 10/10. I am fully satisfied. I heartily recommend and even encourage you to take part in the workshops conducted by Angelina Piechowska. It was a very fun experience, time was fully used and money well invested! This type of workshop has a very positive effect on our lives. Dreams are there to make them come true, so don't be afraid to fight for them. I would love to take part in the next workshop myself. I would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity to participate and for the great time combined with learning and fun.


After completing the tasks that Angelina suggested to me, my view of my life and myself changed. I'm starting to see my advantages. I already know what is most important to me and what I have to care for. I think I feel better now, somehow bolder. I know how I can change my life and myself for the better.


Huge knowledge and substantive preparation. You can hear it and you can see it at every step. Very precise exercise instructions. New knowledge, research, supported by examples.


Angelina helped me a lot in the worst period of my life for me, when everything I had started to collapse. Health, work, problems with the family ... Fear, anxiety, uncertainty accompanied me every day. I thought it would always be like that. Fortunately, I found myself in Mrs. Angelina's office, who helped me find solutions and "opened" the best in me. Today I know that I can handle it. Thank you. Angelina's stories made an amazing impression on me, her calmness and balance, and how beautifully she reacted when the projector broke and she managed without a presentation. In addition, the fluency of expression, the logic of the argument, sense of humor and a very interesting presentation were striking.


Very good contact, she helped me to organize a few things in my head. I recommend you for sure you will be satisfied with the results of your visit.


I just needed to talk to someone who would objectively look at my difficult situation. Angelina helped me a lot in getting it together. Thank you very much and I wish you a nice, cheerful and merry Christmas and a happy new year


Today I had the first visit to a psychologist in my life. I am very glad that I chose Angelina from the huge list of doctors - the visit was in a great atmosphere, I felt at ease, and most importantly, I saw that Angelina understood me :) I recommend to everyone, both those who only want to talk and those who expect help. I got both :) Thank you very much again!

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