About me

Hi, my name is Angelina Piechowska

I am a psychologist and therapist working in the trend focused on Solution-Focused Brief Theraphy. Solution Focused Therapy (TSR) is a therapeutic trend that consists in reaching a goal (solving a difficult situation) by searching for and making you aware of your possibilities and strengths. In solution focused therapy, most of our attention is focused on the present and the future. 


I am a member of the British Psychological Society and the American Psychology Association, two international psychological associations. I always maintain the highest standards of my work. I have an extended experience of working with people from different environments, background and cultures.

My experience

I cooperate with British organizations, conducting individual and group sessions as Group Facilitator & CARA Telephone Intervention Practitioner for the Hampton Trust. I have worked as a Senior Project Worker and Acting Resettlement Manager at SIFA Fireside, helping people to overcome the deepest crises such as homelessness and modern slavery. At YMCA Heart of England, I was a Life Coach and my main role was to support refugees and help them to build the new life. As a cofounder of the International School  of Life I work closely with businesses such as banks and corporations by conducting wellbeing sessions for the employees who want to develop their skills and the quality of their professional ad private life.

In the ISL Club I work with women from all over the globe who are working expats mum. In the ISL Club which is delivered as a live session on the bi-weekly basis we work with the confidence, self-esteem, planning, wellbeing, assertiveness. 


My extensive experience will allow me to help you to overcome the difficulties that you face right now.

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You don't have to go through all the difficulties alone.

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