It’s normal to feel a little nervous before starting therapy and session with psychologist. Especially if it is the first time for you. You can feel intimidating, but there’s really nothing to worry about.


Some people booked the session because of the difficulties that occurred in their life, some of them have a clear direction or goal that they want to achieve, some people started to feel unwell and need a safe space to share the worries and problems.


Some people are looking for the life purpose, some needs some solutions/methods how to deal with the challenges.

  1. Firstly, you have to know, that the session is the safe space for you. The space when you can work with the difficulties that you experience right now. This is the space where you don’t have to go alone. This is the space where you can see some light even if it’s hard to see any positive aspects right now.
  2. Each psychologist/psychotherapist/therapist can work by using different approach such as cognitive-behavior therapy, psychoanalysis, solution-focused brief therapist. A lot of depends on the way that your psychologist/therapist choose to work with. Before you book an appointment you can check and find more about the different therapeutic schools.
  3. What questions you will hear as a first? It will be important to get you know better, but in the solution-focused brief therapy form the first session you will be invited to be focused on the solution. You will be encourage to think what do you need and what it best result that you want to achieve during work with me.
  4. Each psychologist/therapist should have a ‘clinical supervision’. I supervise my work with clinical supervisor on the monthly basis. It is ethical and high standard approach that I implement in to my practice.
  5. Before the session you have to find a quite space, where nobody will interrupt you. You have to be focused and ready for the honest conversation.
  6. You will share as much as you want. No pressure. Everything will be discovered step by step, exactly as you need it.
  7. In the solution-focused brief approach, I will not be your ‘mentor’. You are the expert in your life, and you will find the best answers for your questions.
  8. When you booked the session, you will receive the details and information to follow. If you book the session with me I will send you the link to our online meeting/session with confirmation. Also, you need to pay before the session, by using the bank details received after registration.
  9. You don’t have to wait for the special time to start therapy. If you need it, the best moment is always now.
You don't have to go through all the difficulties alone.

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